Bra types

So many types of bras! Each bra type has a different style and can give a different look. Below is a fairly exhaustive list of the various types of bra as well as some picture examples of the various types. Some bras can be combinations of the below types, such as a backless and strapless bra. Clicking on any of the bra images will take you to the details page for that item at Amazon.

What type of bra is best? I don’t think there’s a best one as each has its own merits and situations in which it will be the right choice. And we shouldn’t forget all the diffent sizes, colors, and patterns. Some of these are covered on the pages in the posts menus of this page. Without further ado let’s get on with the list of bra types.

Adhesive bras – when straps over the shoulders and a band around the back aren’t an option.

Backless bras – no back band going around the back.

Balconette bras – give great uplift.

Balcony bras

Bandeau bras – typically do not provide much support, but can have a great look.

Bridal bras – for use with a wedding dress. Typically similar to a corset, though the appropriate style of bridal bra (e.g. a strapless one) depends on the type of gown.

Bullet bra – sometimes also called a cone or torpedo bra.

Convertible bras – have detachable straps, and often come with an extra set of clear transparent straps. Versatile, they can be used in a strapless manner and also in various strap configurations.

Cupless bras – no cup. Often also referred to as open cup bras.

Demi bras – half cup style.

Drop cup bras

Front close bras

Full cup bras

Full coverage bra

Half cup bras

Halter neck bras – the shoulder straps are connected and go around the back of the neck.

Gel bras

Leather bras

Longline bras – useful for shaping and sometimes with a strapless design, with some similarity to a corset.

Mastectomy bras

Maternity bras

Minimizing bras – reduce bustline and provide great support with very little bounce and a good shape.

Nursing bras

Open cup bras

Open tip bras – open area in the center of the cup. The opening in the front is often circular but sometimes triangular shaped.

Padded bras

Plunge bras

Push up bras

Racerback bras

Seamless bras

Sheer bras – use fabric made with thin thread or a knit with low density, such that the material appears to be semi-transparent.

Shelf bras

Soft cup bras

Smoothing bras

Sports bras

Strapless bras – no shoulder straps.

Support bras

T-back bra

T-shirt bras

Torpedo bras

Training bras

Triangle bra – each of the cups is in the shape of a triangle.

Tube bras

Underwire bras

Water bras – have liquid filled cups

Zip cup bras – zip bras or zip front bras are a design of bra often used in sports bras. Zipper in the front between the cups.

This page and site may be of interest for those looking for bra types pictures, types of bra, and different types of bras. The page provides definitions of the various bra styles.

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