Bra strap holder

For those types of bras which have straps, a bra strap holder can be a very useful accessory to have. Bra strap holders help avoid having straps show under some outfits, they help conceal bra straps, and help avoid the bra strap from shifting or even falling off the shoulders. Some of the most popular items of this type and those which are very frequently searched for are the bra strap holder as seen on tv, and the bra clip as seen on tv. Several types of strap holders and clips are available, some of which are shown below.

Some things to be prepared for when wearing some types of strap holders is that they can on occasion be a little challenging to put on by oneself though practice can help with this. Also, the clips or holders which pull the straps together can potentially stretch the bra straps a little, though this can be somewhat avoided by just letting the straps out a bit / lengthening them. Despite the above potential challenges, many feel that the lift that some bra strap holders provide is well worth it, and the strap control and concealment is great. Some even report that a bra strap holder gives an increased cup size appearance and this is seen as a plus to many as well.

Hope this page has helped you find the bra strap holder that you’re looking for.

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