Orange bras

Orange bras are a fun type of bra to wear. A warm, energetic, and vibrant color, they’re a good choice for work outs year round, and such bras can be especially appropriate during the fall season and Halloween in particular! Here are several examples of such bras available online, ranging from a bright orange bra …

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Bra strap holder

For those types of bras which have straps, a bra strap holder can be a very useful accessory to have. Bra strap holders help avoid having straps show under some outfits, they help conceal bra straps, and help avoid the bra strap from shifting or even falling off the shoulders. Some of the most popular …

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Adhesive bra

An adhesive bra is a great choice when for occasions which require a backless and strapless type of bra. An adhesive bra is held on with adhesive strips on the inside of the bra. The strips should be replaced which each use. You might be interested in self adhesive bras, which don’t require the use …

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How to measure bra size

An important question when choosing from all the various types of bras is how to measure bra size to get a good fit. The best bet by far is to get a professional bra fitting, since this will provide you both expert measurements as well as experienced advice about which styles would be most flattering …

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Demi bra definition

Demi bra definition – the demi style of bra has a half cup, and covers the nipple and approximately half the breast.

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